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You don’t just want to be seen as powerful and put together… 

you want to feel that way.

You worked really hard to be good at what you’re good at. And dang, did you succeed.


But for all that time you spent with your head down, serving your people, one day you looked up and said, “Is this it?”

You see other women, your peers, stepping into the spotlight and you’re confronted with feelings like:

~ “I wish I had a message important enough to share with others."

~ “Look at her go. I need to a better example to my daughter/younger female friend/cousin, etc. I am capable of more.”

~ “Man, I’m jealous. I would love to be more intentional about building something meaningful.”

~ “Oh, to have clarity like that. I know what it looks like to be successful on other people’s terms … but what the hell does it mean to me?”

~ “I have a message that is worthy of that stage; too bad I sound like a complete asshat every time I try to speak in public.”

You’ve taken lots of personality and vocational tests over the years but are you any closer to knowing (let alone facing the facts of) who you REALLY are?

Being here, reading this page, is a little freaky. Because you’re admitting something is “off.”

Are you sharing your authentic value with the world, and doing it well?

I am on a mission to help every woman I meet to find and tell her story.

I simply will not allow women to steal from those who need them by declining to share their gifts.

Why is it so important to me? Well …

Imagine if you…

✔ Could unshackle yourself from your self-imposed restrictions, from beliefs like, “I can’t say that” and “Who am I to say that?”

✔ Censored yourself less, whether to offer someone a compliment or negotiate your salary.

✔ Could add a TEDx Talk or keynote to your resume.

✔ Ended the cycle of inaction driven by the “What do I really want” question and started making an impact (or, you know, started freakin’ changing the world).

✔ Always expressed yourself clearly and could leave an impression on the hearts and minds of others whenever you speak.

✔ Could be a trusted source who inspires people and moves them to action with your innovative ideas and passionate delivery.

✔ Didn’t feel compelled to “play it safe” anymore, and your drive was more powerful than your fear.

You want to believe in yourself.
You want to know your voice is worth hearing.



Every woman has an authentic voice and a message that the world needs to hear.


To express yourself clearly and powerfully, to gain real respect from the people who matter to you, to feel at home in your own skin, you have to be true to yourself. You can’t tout other people’s beliefs, and you certainly can’t implement a one-size-fits-all solution (which you know is what most of the internet wants you to do, if you’ve done some research!) You can’t just create a shinier, more indestructible mask.

Donna is a very caring and warm person. She is a wonderful mentor who not only aids others in improving their speaking skills but inspires self confidence in individuals.

I am incredibly grateful for everything she has taught me and I always enjoy our conversations about food.

Through my sessions with her, I have not only learned basic breathing and speaking techniques, but I have also been able to minimize my anxiety when speaking.

I have been able to apply everything I have learned in school and extracurriculars allowing me to push myself more and be a part of activities that were once outside my comfort zone.

— Michelle X,
Commerce Undergrad, University of Toronto, Canada

This is where TEEwithD™ and your True Eloquence Equation comes in.

Purpose + Values + Voice =

Your True Eloquence Equation

Here’s how I can help:


YOUR 'TEE' with me!

Your TRUE ELOQUENCE EQUATION (TEE) is within you.  

It is the key to

  • Believing in yourself and your dreams, 
  • Expressing yourself articulately and authentically, and 
  • Taking concrete steps towards the future you want to create for yourself.

What does “Taking TEE with D” look like?

  • Deep dive and exploration of what you value - and why
  • Insightful investigation and creation of your vision for your life
  • Development of strategies, techniques, steps, goals, outcomes, plans, and so on, that will let you truly voice your values and vision to the world
  • Support, laughter, accountability and tough questions

You are
creative, resourceful and whole.  You have your own answers, and kernels of greatness within you. 
I’m simply your “thinking partner”!

So what’s actually included?

So, if you are asking yourself, “what is possible for me?” and “what do I really want?”, then sitting down for “TEEwithD” is the perfect place to start!

How does "TEEtime" look?: 

  • 55 minute, 1-on-1 coaching sessions via Zoom (with or without camera, as needed)
  • Use of cutting edge research, proven approaches and techniques
  • Private access to a highly trained, experienced, and successful world-class coach (me!)
  • Authentic and safe communication space where you are the focus
  • Goal-setting, accountability measures (designed by you!)
  • Each time we “Take TEE”, you’ll be completely in control of the aspects of values, vision and voice you choose to work on - it’s YOUR True Eloquence Equation we’re crafting - not mine!

You can choose from a 6 or 12 session package, and both include the live coaching sessions, resources (as required) and unlimited email / text direct access to me.

Book A Call To Discuss More

— Accreditations —

Want to work at your own pace, in your comfy sweats? Or maybe 1-on-1 isn’t in the budget right now, but you still want to work with the most qualified life and vocal empowerment coach on the interwebs? (My horn: toot toot!)

The TEEwithD Digital Community is designed to help women sort through all the ins-and-outs of finding and then enabling their own authentic eloquence.

Achieve meaning and impact in your life by discovering and using the most powerful tool at your disposal: your voice.

Enrollment in The TEEwithD Digital Community begins late Spring 2021—

make sure you’re on the information list, and in the know! 

To learn more and be notified when enrollment opens, add your name to the waitlist here: 

Get me on the waitlist


“I have known Donna for many years in several professional and personal relationships. Not only is she likely the most dedicated, passionate and hardworking individual, but she truly shaped my life with her guidance and expertise. Even from a young age, Donna always found challenging yet authentic ways for me to use my voice and explore my passion for speech arts and teaching.

Her ability to connect career and life goals is one of her many specialties, and she has gone above and beyond to empower my curiosity and develop my own sense of self-expression across several fields.


She is that needle in a haystack; a diamond in the rough, a friend and colleague like no other. Your life will be truly blessed and enriched through her wisdom, creativity, and sense of humour.”

—Alexa Shapiro, Educator,
Gray Academy of Jewish Education

Donna is an expert at her craft! I always felt that she both supported and challenged me.

She combines technical expertise on the mechanics of voice and speech (which she tailored to my visual learning style), with the emotional intelligence necessary to ask probing questions in a gentle way to uncover the emotional blocks under seemingly un-emotional objectives. She held space for me to uncover deeply held limiting beliefs around how others perceive my communication style while always helping me see the humor in painful memories.

Through our work together, I accomplished all of my specific goals, including (i) identifying my own unique speaking style (and owning parts of my speaking style or manner of speech that I might have been avoiding before our work together from a belief that they wouldn’t be taken seriously), (ii) choosing how I would like to pronounce certain words, and (iii) learning specific methods to relax others in meditation using my voice.

Donna took my goals, got to the root of them, and then worked with me to achieve results that I didn’t even know I wanted – for example, when I thought I needed to develop a deeper voice to lead meditation, she helped me see that in fact, depth of pitch is not as important as being relaxed myself, and believing in the content of what I’m saying.

Through our work together, she increased my confidence in the substance of my message and decreased my limiting focus on the method of delivery, which will enable me to have my message reach a much wider audience.

— Valery Federici

Leadership & Life Coach at Valery Federici Coaching, LLC and lawyer


Is this right for me?


Feeling some feelings about whether this is the right choice for you?

That's okay … I got you.

​Let's have a real conversation and talk it through.

Clarity please, Donna


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