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Uncover, discover and recover 
your authentic voice

Is it time to sit down for some TEEwithD™️, so that you can find your
True Eloquence Equation?

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A More Authentic & Full Version of Yourself?

You're already amazing, sure - but what if you were MORE amazing?


It's possible, you know.

But to know more about that you can be more of yourself, self-reflection is the first step.

This free 15-page exploration guide offers you valuable insights into your own unique self, and fires up more curiosity, inspiration and motivation.

Download and print out your FREE Exploration Guide now. This is your chance to spend some time on YOU. You’re worth it.

Because nothing is more "you"

You're smart, powerful, and high-functioning...

but lost.


I work with brilliant women to achieve meaning and impact in their lives by discovering and using the single most powerful tool at their disposal: their voices.

Finding your True Eloquence Equation helps you go from "hell no" to "hell yes" when it comes to your authentic voice and eloquence.

Once uncovered, your True Eloquence Equation will put you in a category of one, with love and support from a community of many. It might sometimes feel like you are alone, but you SO aren't. We've been looking for you.


What is this all about?

Watch this quick hello and explanation from Donna...

Women like you have immeasurable value to add to this planet.

Period. But you can't change the world if you can't articulate to yourself and to others what matters to you.


E V E R  H E A R D  T H I S   O N E ?


"Too many women in too many countries speak the same language of silence."


- A N A S U Y A  S E N G U P T A

E V E R  H E A R D 
T H I S   O N E ?


"Too many women in too many
countries speak the same language of silence.

 - A N A S U Y A  S E N G U P T A

Wondering what’s holding you back from understanding your values, embracing your own voice, and
acting on your vision?  

Want to know how close you are to already having your TEE (True Eloquence Equation)? 
Let's find out with this short quiz.

Start The Quiz Now!

Don't let your song go unsung. I can help.



I've found ownership of my authentic voice and a self-assurance
that is my power.

I was in a corporate office setting previously and now in the demanding world of self-employment— I've been empowered to speak up for myself and others, to tackle challenges head-on, and be vocal about my skills and knowledge in order to negotiate contracts and salary. I am confident in delivering the best of myself in all settings to all types of clients. The skills I've gained with Donna's coaching will be with me for life.

— Felicia Philips 
Interior stylist, muralist, jewelry designer
Find My Voice

I believe in the power of knowing, owning and speaking your remarkableness

- this is core to my work and mission, and I am a proud member of the 7000+ global facilitator group that can bring the #IamRemarkable program to your group or community.

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative that strives to give women and underrepresented groups the skills, opportunity and motivation to talk about their own accomplishments.

This FREE 90-minute online facilitated workshop challenges the cultural and gender modesty norms as well as imposter syndrome barriers that prevent individual’s from acknowledging and expressing their achievements and own remarkable attributes. Available to any group, size 15-20.

Get in touch to learn more or schedule YOUR transformational #IamRemarkable workshop.


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